Fotolia 52620278 XSImagine you have a salesperson, tirelessly working 24/7 for you, advertising your products, closing deals and accepting payments simultaneously. This is the potential that an E-commerce website brings to your business. With our expertise in web design, your E-commerce website will be stunning, captivating and fully functional. We will ensure that your branding and message is consistent throughout your website while guiding your customers towards making that much needed purchase or decision.


We build custom E-commerce websites and mobile apps around key features like security and speed. Therefore we can guarantee that your websites or mobile apps will deliver a great user experience as well as a very high standard of security for you and your customers. Our e-commerce packages comes with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) as standard which ensures that you reach your customers and puts you in the position to make new loyal customers.


At Stregg Marketing and Creative Web Design we have a dedicated marketing department that will ensure that your E-commerce website or app stands out from the competition. We will utilise your business strategy or create one for you that is effective enough to blow the competition out of the water. As a company we strive to succeed and strive for success in everything we do. We believe that when we work for you, your success helps us in achieving our goals - to succeed.


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